We are developing a suite of services addressing retail and institutional investors as well as corporates & SMEs, including both local and overseas ventures. The services we provide are underpinned by our leading technology solutions – The Exchange and The Depository

Capital Raising

We offer solutions for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to enable the issuance of Initial Exchange Offerings (IEOs). Through IEOs on our platform, companies may raise funds from investors in an efficient and compliant manner. This would facilitate companies in reaching out to relevant investors for fundraising at a lower cost with ease.

Token Issuance

The solution allows companies to digitally print tokens on the blockchain where each token represents a specific share, which can then be sold to investors and also be traded between investors. These tokens can also be traded on fully regulated digital exchanges, ensuring full transparency and better liquidity for issuers and investors.


Through the use of our platform and partner services, we are able to assist companies from all across the globe in entering the international financial markets as well as to be listed on the fully regulated Barters Trade Exchange.

Trading Platform

Our liquidity platform allows investors to use cryptocurrencies in conducting secondary transactions on 24/7. The platform thus enables global investors to execute trades regardless of time and geographic location.