Invest With Impact

  • INCUBATANK aims to build the world’s leading tokenized investment platform, allowing investors to trade between traditional financial instruments and digital assets in a legal and fully transparent manner through the usage of a single platform.


INCUBATANK is a platform for small and medium-sized enterprises to create disruptive blockchain business models.

Raise Capital

We provide solutions to companies in raising capital and issuing tokens efficiently and also in full compliance.


Providing the safest investment platform for cryptocurrency enthusiasts and investors around the world, we employ the use of state-of-the-art technology and the latest trend in trading models. Projects are rigorously reviewed by our professional team to ensure the viability and future development of all projects.


We have also entered into a collaboration with a global community comprising of a very large membership, mature blockchain technologies, effective fundraising programs, etc.

Who We Are

The Platform is a financial technology company which provides a platform for companies to raise funding through INCUBATANK’s token issuance, which are fully regulated through securities.

What We Do

Our Platform offers a comprehensive range of solutions which includes the distribution, storage, trade and management of digital assets. We provide a full range of financial services for the digital asset industry, which includes the flexibility and transparency of Distributed Ledger Technology (DLT), such as financing,token issuance and level market trading services.

How We Operate

Our team comprises of professionals from across the world in order to serve our global corporate clients.


Our vision is to build INCUBATANK for every entrepreneur whom possesses the entrepreneurial dream and spirit, in enabling them to jump start their career through our platform.


Our mission is to enable the integration of all small and medium businesses into blockchain, in order for each company to operate their business models with secure mechanisms.

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